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How to Use a Delay Cream Correctly to Give Her the Night of Her Life

Delay creams have become popular in recent years because of the solution they offer. These creams help delay ejaculation, a common problem most men face today. These products aim at improving the experience of men who have a problem lasting long in bed. Though highly effective, a delay cream can only provide a temporary solution to the problem.

The other important thing to keep in mind is to ensure that you read the safety information on these products. The market is flooded with creams and sprays that all promise to provide desired results, but come with a range of side effects. If you are interested in these creams, you must make sure that you are getting the right product from the provider, like VigRX delay spray.

This article will walk you through the science of delay creams and how to use these creams in the right way to give her the night of her life.

1. What Science Says About Delay Creams


Photo by James Heilman, MD / CC BY-SA

There have been a lot tests on existing delay creams. These tests show that the most common ingredients used in the products are anesthetics. The two main anesthetics found are benzocaine and lidocaine. These anesthetics decrease penile sensitivity. This explains why they are commonly used in making these creams and sprays; however, even with this ability, they will not completely prevent premature ejaculation.

In one research study conducted, scientists studied the effects of anesthetic delay creams on ejaculation time. The participants were asked to apply various creams on their penises for 20 to 45 minutes before sexual intercourse. Researchers found that, on an average, the delay creams increased the pre-ejaculation time by six to eight minutes, but they also found that keeping creams on for more than 25 to 30 minutes may lead to the loss of erection.

To understand how these products work, you first need to understand what triggers ejaculation. The penis is an extremely sensitive structure. Once you put it inside your partner or your partner caresses it in some other way, it sends signal to your brain. The brain gets sexually stimulated and sends signals back to the ejaculatory system to prepare for ejaculation.

Once you reach a certain threshold, you end up ejaculating. This time period varies, but in some individuals it is even less than two minutes, which is termed as premature ejaculation.
Delay creams and sprays work by numbing down the sensations of your penis. With these sprays, the penis does not send signals to the brain for some time and the ejaculation gets postponed for some time.

There are many elements to consider when selecting the right delay cream. As you will discover, as much as there are creams that work, there are many that are just bogus. This is the main reason why you should only depend on products with a money-back guarantee, such as VigRX Delay Spray.

2. Why Use a Delay Cream?

Any man who has disappointed a woman in bed knows the pain of not lasting long enough. The end of a passion-filled moment brought by the sudden unexpected ejaculation is the disappointment no couple would want to face. What if there was a way to prevent such a problem? What if you could last longer than you usually do? What if you could watch your partner climax a few times before you do?

satisfying love making for you and your partner

With the use of delay creams, you could be on your way to satisfying love making for you and your partner. A lot of men, about 75 percent, have this disappointing experience, but this is not reassuring to an individual. This is because knowing that there are other people going through the same experience does not necessarily eliminate your own individual shame.

While you can find a lot of products that will work as expected, there are many that are just a rip-off. These are created using ineffective compounds and only exist to make those behind them rich. The biggest issue is in the promotion. In most cases, manufacturers promote these fake products in such a way that most consumers are convinced they will actually work.

There are a lot of people who have invested in these products only to realize they are just scams after they have already purchased these products. This is why looking at real customer reviews and for a money-back guarantee is important.

3. What to Expect from Delay Creams

A delay cream can help you stay longer in bed. There are a number of products that can effectively work. These have been medically tested and their ingredients reviewed. Effective creams will only partly desensitize you and not completely take away the sense or feeling of pleasure.

Also, you must understand that such creams only work for a short period of time. Their effect lasts for as long as they are on your penis. These products are just a temporary fix, because they do not offer a permanent solution to your early ejaculation problems. Still, they can be helpful while you look for long-term solutions to the issue you’re having in bed.

The most important point here is to understand that the effectiveness of the cream is not consistent in all men. Different people have reported different results even with the same application method. The secret is, therefore, in finding an application method that works for you.

4. Ingredients in Delay Creams: What Works and What Does Not


Photo by JL Johnson / CC BY-SA

As mentioned above, the most common ingredients used in making delaying cream are lidocaine and benzocaine. Some creams may include ingredients such as:

  • L-arginine, which is supposed to improve circulation.
  • Maca root, which is said to promote libido.
  • Yohimbine, which is claimed to help with premature ejaculation.

The truth is, manufacturers of such products make a lot of claims about their efficacy without listing the scientific research showing their effectiveness in sexual problems for men. The bottom line is to go for products with anesthetics, like lidocaine and benzocaine. Other ingredients are just there without much research to back them.

5. VigRX Delay Spray: One of the Tested Brands

VigRX Delay Spray and cream are one of the popular delay products in the market. These products have been tested and the ingredients used could help you last longer. If you are looking for a delay product, VigRx is a good place to start. This product could help you improve your sexual experience, and consequently your love life.

This product contains the mild anesthetic, benzocaine, which is easily absorbed into the penile tissues. You will start feeling the effect within a period of 10 minutes. Many customers say this product helps in reducing sensitivity for them.

6. The Pros and Cons: Understanding the Advantages of Delay Creams

Now you know what the delay products contain and how they work; let’s move on to discuss their pros and cons.

Here are some of the benefits of using delay creams.

  • Delay Creams Are an Easy Option: The use of delay creams is perhaps one of the easiest and fastest solutions for men who deal with premature ejaculation. The only thing you need is the cream and the instructions for learning how to apply it. Before sexual contact, apply the cream and it will help in delaying ejaculation for an improved sexual experience.
  • The Application Should Only Be Prior to Sex: Delay creams or other delay products, such as the VigRX Delay Spray, are only needed just before you engage in sexual intercourse. This means that you do not have to continuously use the cream if you do not have sex often. This is contrary to other methods that require you to follow the treatment plan on a daily basis.
  • The Ingredients Used Are Usually Tested: If you are using a legit cream, you do not have to worry too much about the safety. The ingredients in these products are tested before being included into the cream. There is always a need to know the ingredients included, just in case you are allergic or hypersensitive to any of them. The ingredients you will find in most of these creams include lidocaine and benzocaine, which are topical anesthetics.
    These ingredients are generally considered safe. Some condoms have one of these ingredients. Most people have been found to have tolerance though there are few cases where adverse reactions are involved.
  • You Can Easily Get the Cream Without Prescription: Most of the delay creams are available over the counter without a need for a prescription. This means you can just buy them in your local drug store without a written prescription.
  • The Numbing Effect of the Delay Cream Could Be Effective: The most important thing when the debate for delay creams arise is if they work or not. They might help in delaying ejaculation and sometimes they might work quite well. The numbing effect can help a great deal in reducing the senses and feelings that lead to premature ejaculation.

7. What You Should Know: The Downside of Ejaculation Creams

Though the creams might be useful in dealing with premature ejaculation, they have their own drawbacks. It is important that you understand these drawbacks to balance between the benefits and the disadvantages.

Now that you have understood the advantages of these creams, the following are some of the disadvantages of using them.

  • Loss of Erection: Though the numbing effect is part of the solution, too much of it might be dangerous. If the cream you are using is too strong, or you are using too much of the cream, chances are that you will end up with reduced senses or sensation. This also leads to a difficult task of maintaining an erection.
    You might need to wash off whatever you can and wait for the anesthetics to stop working before you start all over again. This is of course not a good situation especially when you want to keep the mood alive.
    According to research, the optimum time to keep these creams on before sex is between 20 and 30 minutes. When applied for this duration, the delay creams will work without causing significant side effects. If you apply the creams for duration longer than this, it could lead to temporary loss of erection.
  • Loss of Pleasure: The loss of pleasure is another common problem related to the use of delaying creams. Since the cream works by desensitization, you get to stay longer, but you might not enjoy as much as you would without the cream.
    There are some people who will argue that it is a good deal, since you are having reduced pleasure but for a longer period. You also will be getting more pleasure knowing that your partner is more satisfied. The problem is that this can extend to issues such as weak orgasms.
    In some cases, it could be that you are not ejaculating at all and this is not good, either. In the long haul, this is not a good solution and as the days go by, you might get frustrated especially if you are facing some of these challenges. It may take some practice for you to figure out when and how much of this cream to use each time.
  • You Could Transfer the Delay Cream to Your Partner: The numbing cream carries the potential of ruining the moment for your partner. If you transfer the cream to them, it means that they will also experience the numbing effects, and this is not pleasurable for them. The products come with instructions about the amount of time you have to wait after the application. In most cases, you should wait for at least 10 minutes but not more than 30 minutes before sex.
    Transfer mostly happens due to wrong timing. A more annoying situation occurs when oral sex is involved. For this, you should use a condom after applying the delaying cream. This can greatly prevent the numbness in the mouth.
  • You Have to Apply Delay Creams Prior to Having Sex: Just imagine a situation where you are just back from a great date with a woman you are in love with and you have taken your passion behind closed doors. You start romancing and ripping each other‘s clothes off and in the middle of all the intense heat, you have to excuse yourself. You have to apply the cream prior to sex and not to mention wait for at least 20 to 30 minutes for it to have its effect.
    Even if you can sneak and play cool, the extended foreplay will still raise some questions. No one wants to kill that natural moment with anything. If you are dealing with a partner who actually knows your problem and probably knows you are using the cream, then you will not be in an awkward situation. The problem comes in when the person you are dating does not know about your situation or your delay cream use.
  • The Delay Creams Do Not Cure the Problem: It is important to state that the desensitizing creams and sprays will not cure problems related to premature ejaculation. They are just short term solutions that you can use just before having sex. In fact, you will have to use them each time you are having sex. If you choose to use these creams, you will be getting into a sex mortgage that you will have to pay by buying and applying these creams.
    Most people who have the purchasing power might feel as if the cream is worth every pleasurable moment. Even people without a lot of money can still have enough to afford the cream. The truth is that the cost will add up and for people living an active sexual life, the cost can be quite high when you consider all the creams that you will buy.

8. Are Delay Creams Worth It?

Whether the delay cream is worth your money and time or not is all a personal opinion. If you have a premature ejaculation problem, using the cream might improve your sexual experience and that of your partner. There is nothing as disappointing as finishing a race while the other person is still warming up.

You will leave them unsatisfied and this might affect your relationship in whatever level it is. A little more time in bed can greatly help in strengthening the bond between you. A happy relationship is where everyone is satisfied emotionally and sexually.

9. Important Things to Check

Just like buying any product, you need to check a number of things. These include:

  • Ingredients and their percentage in the cream
  • Directions
  • Brand reviews
  • Cost

It is important to understand the ingredients used by the manufacturer, because this tells you how effective the cream is. Make sure that the ingredients listed are safe for you. The percentage of ingredients used tells you how strong the product is and the amount of the product you’d need to see results.


It is important to read through the directions so as to apply the cream as recommended by the manufacture. This can determine whether it will work as expected or not. When looking for the ideal cream, it is important to research prior to purchasing any product. There are many products in the market all promising the best results, but only a few like the VigRX delay spray are in the reputable list.

Check the brand to understand if it can be trusted before you invest your money. Another important thing is the cost. Since this might be something you might be buying often, cost is important. Choose a brand that offers effective creams at an affordable price tag.

10. The Best Method to Use Delay Creams to Get Best Results

The success of this method lies in whether or not you are using the right technique, using the right product. The right technique will give you also immediate results without any side effects. A poorly executed technique will eventually lead to premature ejaculation.

Here is the step by step guide on how to use the delay creams in the most appropriate way:

  • Open up the cream package and read the labels and other instructions carefully.
  • Carefully read the dosage of the active ingredients. In case the active ingredients are lidocaine, benzocaine or lignocaine, the ideal dose is around 2.5 grams.
  • Make sure your penis is clean before applying the cream. Do not use the product if you have any cut or bruise on your penis.
  • Roll down the skin to fully expose the tip of your penis.
  • Take a small amount of the cream and apply it over your penis starting from the tip and massaging it down gently all the way to the bottom of the shaft.
  • Be careful and do not let the cream enter inside your penis. It could cause irritation if it gets inside your penis.
  • Wait for at least 20 to 30 minutes before engaging into sex.
  • Do not apply additional lubricants over the anesthetic cream.
  • It is better if you use condom. It will help you keep the effects of the anesthetic to yourself.
  • Once done, take off the condom and wash your penis thoroughly with tap water.
  • If you experience side effects like itching, burning, redness or swelling of the penis, it means you are allergic to the contents of the cream. In that case, wash your penis with ample water and contact your doctor immediately.
manage your premature ejaculation

Delaying creams can help you temporarily manage your premature ejaculation, but they do not provide a definite cure. These are just short term solutions that need to be used every time you are having sex. If you do your research, you might find a cream that works for you. If you follow the above advice and instructions, you might be able to temporarily solve your problem and satisfy your partner better.

You will, however, need to read the benefits and the disadvantages and weigh your options for a better choice. At the end of the day, the choice to use the delay cream is yours and your partner’s if you have one.