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Dee Land Intercourse Best Extra Timing Cream in Lahore

Dee Land Intercourse Best Extra Timing Cream the decorated cream with natural herbs accumulate the longish period of intercourse , it helps to protect the size of penis of men for sake of intercourse , it comes in the lengths of 15 g 28 g is heavily protected packaging.


Foundational features

  • The epitome of vibrant layers pinned with extra hard cream natural with countless forms of verbs.
  • It helps to support the balance of penis.
  • After usage its conformity makes an impact for stronghold intercourse.
  • It protect the layers of outer skin of penis no itching no dis conformity after uses.
  • Only piece of inwards consoling for men.

How to use

  • Rub on the penis for duration of 20 to 25 minutes with rapidly action.
  • Cover the outer layer of penis.
  • Uplift the measures of penis.
  • Enhance the productivity of penis.
  • Sperms or urine passage.
  • Control the flow of circulation of blood for a long days.

Dee Land Intercourse Best Extra Timing Cream Lahore